Combo Rm299 Free value rm84 (Free Big Cooler Bag and Cold Brew Shott Fruit Concentrate 1L) From New Zealand。 rm299 套装

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9 items 1) Pork Dumplings (30pcs/pkt) 2) Braised Pork Minced (+-100g*10bag/pkt) 3) Marinate Pork Chop (+-170g*5bag/pkt) 4) Pork Luncheon Meat (+-250g*4bag/pkt) 5) Chicken Dumpling (30pcs/pkt) 6) Braised Chicken Drumstick (5pcs/pkt) 7) Taiwanese Jumbo Chicken Sausage (10pcs/pkt) 8) Cheesy Chicken Chop (2pcs/pkt) 9) Japenese Ramen (10pcs/pkt)